15 Cancer Warning Signs People Ignore Until It’s Too Late

Out body has a way of informing us whether or not something is wrong internally, but most people tend to brush off these symptoms as everyday conditions which are treatable easily. This allows the condition to develop and grow, until eventually, it is not treatable. That is why it is important to detect the earliest signs of cancer or tumour development in our bodies in order to act while there is still time.

Down below is a list of the universal cancer symptoms and signs:

  1. Changes in Stool

If you noticed that your stool has changed size, texture and even odor, and the changes last for more than a few weeks, than it is recommended that you check in with a doctor.

  1. Changes in Urination

If you feel a discomfort while urinating, chances are there is a condition related to your prostate or bladder.

  1. Sores

Sores are a common condition, but they can also signify oral cancer, skin cancer and genital cancer.

  1. Bleeding

Bloody urine or stool or a bloody discharge is a strong indicator of several cancer types, so consult with a doctor.

  1. Lumps

If you notice a lump somewhere on your skin, then immediately contact a physician as it is associated with several cancer types.

  1. Indigestion

Indigestion is one of the most misdiagnosed cancer symptoms as it is a common condition.

  1. Changes in Freckle or Mole

Any change in the shape, size and color of the mole or a freckle can suggest cancer and needs to be taken seriously.

  1. Uncommon Hair Development

Unusual hair growth at places you’ve never had hair can be either a result of stress or cancer development.

  1. Skin Changes

Darkened, yellow or red skin is another common sing of cancer, so consult with a doctor.

  1. Discomfort

If you feel constant pain such as a headache or back pain, this is also something to be serious about so check in with a doctor.

  1. Fever

While fevers are mostly connected with the immune system, they can still indicate a number of cancer types.

  1. Weight Loss

If you lost weight unexpectedly without following a diet or working out, it is a strong indicator of cancer.

  1. Coughing

If you have a persistent cough which doesn’t go away even after 2-3 weeks, consult with a doctor.

  1. Unusual Lymph Nodes

Seek medical attention if your lymph nodes are unexpectedly inflamed or tender and feel uncomfortable.

  1. Fatigue

Fatigue is another common sign of cancer as it is the natural action of the immune system.

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