Remove Varicose Veins Using The Magic Of Olive Oil, Here’s How

Varicose veins look quite unattractive and might even cause pain and discomfort. However, have you ever heard that olive oil can help you remove them and stop hiding them by wearing long skirts or trousers?

This method is extremely simple and easy, but it provides amazing effects, as reported by many who have tried it.

At first, make sure you exfoliate the skin. Then, add some extra virgin olive oil in a jar and microwave it for a minute to warm it.

Then, use the warm oil to massage the problematic areas on the legs with your hands in gentle, circular motions, starting from the ankles and move upwards up to the torso.

This massage will deflate the legs and stimulate blood flow in the affected areas, helping you to eliminate varicose veins. Repeat on a daily basis, and the effects will be noticeable very soon!

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