If You Blow on Your Thumb, Here’s The Effect it Will Have on Your Body

The human organism works under, still to us, mysterious circumstances and even medicine is shocked when something miraculous happens, proving that the body is more than able to heal itself.

The stimulation of certain body parts can be successful for ameliorating the wellbeing of other body parts. In such way, one is able to fix various health problems, such as stress, pain, soreness and more.

Sore throat fix

Although a cup of tea can work wonders, there are other ways that can also stimulate health in the area.

Scratchy throat is a condition known and familiar to many, and it can sometimes become even unbearable if left untreated. Now, Scott Schaffer, M.D. President of an ear, nose and throat specialty center offered a solution that many will find useful in this case.

As Dr. Schaffer put it, the most effective thing you can do is to scratch your ear!

“When the nerves in the ear are stimulated, it creates a reflex in the throat that can cause a muscle spasm. This spasm relieves the tickle,” he noted.

Relax the nervous system

To get rid of stress and feel calmer, the only thing you need to do is to wash your face with ice-cold water, while holding your breath.

This way, the water coldness will cause the “mammalian diving reflex.” What happens is, the organism is able to handle oxygen in a better way, which results in a more relaxed organism. Treating stress with cold water has been a home treatment known and practiced for years in many cultures.

For a similar experience, you can simply drink an ice-cold glass of water. This will help you relax even when splashing water on your face is off the table.

Beat the fear of needles

Injection treatment is never pleasant to anyone, so to deal with it more easily, all you need to do is cough a little just before the needle touches your skin.

However, it is wise to talk the nurse into your practice, so things don’t go south.

Stuffy nose rinse

This annoying little occurrence can truly be a thorn in your eye, but there is a way to get rid of it easily. All you need to do is press your tongue against the roof of your mouth, while pressing your eyebrows by using the index fingers.

This technique will relax the nasal pathways, making it simple for you to dispose of the nasal mucus. While practicing this acupressure method, you need to breathe deeply every 20 seconds.

Treat burns

The first thing we do when getting burned is grabbing the ice pack and applying it on the skin. However, if you just use the tips of your fingers to press the burnt area, you will get faster and more soothing results.

How that works is, it gives the affected area its normal temperature back while preventing blistering at the same time. Also, you won’t be seeing any burn scars, which is amazing!

Deal with toothaches

One of the worst pains a person could experience is a sudden and uncontrollable toothache. To get this under control, you need to apply an ice pack on the back of your hand. Start rubbing the ice front and back along the skin between your index finger and thumb.

This is amazingly effective because the area has a lot of nerves directly connected to the face and brain. By icing the spot, you relieve the pain and send the brain signals to relax.

Calm your nerves

There is a simple hack on how to tone down those jumpy nerves and anxieties in your gut. Just blow on your thumb! As weird as it may sound, this method actually eases the breathing and soothes the Vagus nerve, which is responsible for your heartbeat escalations.

No more migraines

Painkillers are such an old method to get rid of persistent headaches and migraines. Instead, you can massage the area between your thumb and index finger with your other thumb and forefinger. Be gentle during the massage and proceed with it for two minutes before switching on to the other hand.

To get the best results, apply pressure in circular movement. This enables the blood flow to run faster and releases the Ki energy throughout the body.

To learn more about these extraordinary self-healing tips, take a look at the video below:

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