7 Signs You Are Eating Too Much Sugar!

A lot of people throughout the world start their diet not realizing that sugar is addictive, besides being delicious. So, sometimes it happens that a person consumes sugar more than his/her body is able to process, and then the health complications occur. The commonest symptoms of sugar over-consumption are:

Lack of energy

If you feel tired constantly although you have had a good night’s sleep, then it indicates that you have so much sugar in your body, that provides energy to your body at first, but then exhausts you.

Frequent cold and flu

Sugar over-consumption weakens our immune system and impair the natural capacity of the body to fight against colds, flu, viruses, and other chronic diseases.

Brain fog

It is a common sign of low levels of sugar in the blood. When a person eats too much sugar, the levels of sugar in the blood arise and fall, impairing the cognitive function.

Taste problems

Sugar over-consumption represents a ‘torture’ for the taste buds, making their sugar tolerance to increase, and leading to even more sugar cravings. In order to normalize the taste buds, avoid the consumption and drinking of sweets and sweet beverages.

Feet and skin problems

Sugar over-consumption has an inflammatory effect on the body, thus increasing the risk of inflammatory skin issues, including eczema, rosaceous, acne, and etc. To avoid these issues, avoid sugar.

Weight gain

Sugar over-consumption triggers the release of insulin, a hormone that has a major role in weight gain. The more sugar we consume, the more insulin is produced, and the body is not capable of regulating it, which leads to weight gain or diabetes.


Source: naturallovepage.com

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